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Work schedule

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We are engaged in the supply of rubber products mainly for the mining industry

Twargum specializes in the manufacture of friction-resistant and flame retardant rubber products

The company TWARGUM was established in 2009.

Quality control

We control the following parameters:

– Strength limit (MPa)
– Elongation at break (%)
– Hardness (Shore)
– Frictional wear resistance (sm3)
– Fire resistance
– Scorch time
– Vulcanization time

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee the highest quality of products and deliveries in the specified time. We certify that the prices offered by us will be lower than those offered by the present suppliers.

Individual approach

At the request of the client we are working on the technology, we modify the properties of rubber, we make the design and produce the molds.


We constantly expand the assortment and at the same time raise its quality.


The vision that we are guided by is constant development and the search of new markets.
The next stage in the development of company will be the opening of a new production workshop, which will increase production opportunities.
We are sure that the production of rubber products will ensure continuous development and strengthen our position in the market.



We increase efficiency with the help of constant investments.